Tin Whistle Retreat 2016

Tin Whistle Retreat 2016

Detailed itinerary and information on tuition and pricing

2nd - 7th Oct 2016


If you want to spend an intensive few days working on your tin Irish Tin Whistle Retreat OAIMwhistle technique while immersing yourself in Irish culture and music, this is the retreat for you! Each day will commence with a two and a half hour tin whistle workshop with host tutor Thomas Johnston. These morning workshops will be based on building repertoire and creating the distinctive Irish sound. Students will be encouraged to learn the tunes by ear, however, the music in ABC and staff notation will be available to those that require them. Focus will be placed on articulation styles, ornamentation, phrasing, rhythm and the use of variation. This is the time to discuss ‘tin whistle challenges’ such as stamina, breathing, phrasing, intonation and flow. On an OAIM retreat, you can expect to be part of a small group of no more than 12 whistle players for the week.

The retreat will feature an afternoon masterclass with OAIM’s very own whistle tutor, Kirsten Allstaff and also a session workshop hosted by friendly local musicians.  These events will give you a chance to learn tips and pointers from other musicians,  listen and play with them in an informal setting. Remember to bring a recording device so you can review all the tunes and techniques after the retreat.

PoulnabroneYou will be taken on a sight seeing trip out to the wild West of Co. Clare during the retreat week. We will show you the natural beauty of The Burren, the Atlantic sea, and will stop off in Doolin for dinner at the legendary Gus O’Connors Pub. After dinner we will all go for a music session out West! Remember your woolies and raincoats!

Trad Session in EnnisEnnis is full and brimming with live music in the pubs. Upon arrival we will give you an itinerary of all the sessions in the area so that in the evenings you have a chance to sample the wealth of musical talent in different areas of West Co. Clare. You are free to listen or join in with the musicians on these outings. Alternatively, there is plenty space in The Rowan Tree to have a cosy tune with your fellow students.

The tin whistle retreat will also feature a student and tutor concert.   This is a great opportunity for students to listen to their tutors and fellow classmates and also to take the opportunity to perform.  Accompanists provided!

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